Travelling solo, the highs, lows and worst chat up lines!

Let’s talk about travelling alone. I’m a pro. Show no fear, walk like you own the place earphones in and just crack on.

The thing is it seems to bother other people, a lot.

A few weeks ago while working in New York I headed down to the bar for a quick drink and left hours later pretty drunk. It’s like I was wearing a sign in my back saying ‘please talk to me’. Not just once but three times people asked me how I was the last offer (from a pretty lovely guy) to join him and his friends ended up in a great evening debating the merits of being English vs. American and sharing travel stories with a bunch of people that I’d never met before.

As the night went on and more gin cocktails were delivered to the table and the guy that invited me over kept smiling at me. It’s been a while I have to admit and I am in no way ready for anything involving the opposite sex but I got the distinct impression the Irish American marketing director was flirting with me!!!

With no friends around to back me up I felt slightly off kilter! This was my hotel, my home there was no escaping. Then I thought escaping from what? He was funny, charming and we had a wonderful evening. He was in town for a few days and would I like to meet him the next day for dinner!!!! Shit, like a date. I clearly looked terrified by the idea as he soon back peddled and suggested coffee instead.

What the hell was going on!

I said yes and took his number. I said goodbye. Leaving my glasses behind I headed to my room. 10 minutes later a call from reception that my glasses and a note were at the front desk. I’m not even sure how I made it to my room without them I’m blind.

Anyway next day I get a text and we meet for coffee. He doesn’t know me I didn’t share too much but it was lovely really lovely. After coffee and breakfast we go our separate ways; a moment in time. Beautiful and temporary.

That’s what you get when you brave the world alone. It’s scary at times and lonely but only if you let yourself.

New York is s big city full of people. I made friends at work and outside of work I spent time with colleagues, strangers and by myself.

Travelling solo is an amazing experience. No compromising about where you eat, walk, what you do, when you sleep. It’s liberating. But it’s also a great way to get to know places if you allow yourself the chance to talk to people.

I got home and held on so tight to my little man. I missed him so much and I know he had an amazing time with Nanny and Daddy so he was fine and I was so proud of myself.

William has so many people in his life that love him I have no worries there. So I can occasionally step away and explore such a lovely thing to do.

Give it a try.

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