Being an angry mummy & when I really need to be mindful.

So it’s Sunday afternoon. Most of the washing is done, the dog has been walked and dinner is cooking. I voted for a pub lunch but William got all upset so we are having cod mash and veg!

My son is a good little boy, he really is.

And he’s nearly five so every time you ask him not to do something he can refrain for around 10 seconds then he’s back on it.

Most of the time I laugh and let it go but today he’s jumping on me jumping on the dog and he’s just not listening.

So I tell him three strikes and the TV goes off for the rest of the day.

You guessed it. Less than 10 minutes later the three strikes are up and the TV goes off.

That’s ok. What sends him over the edge is Granny and Grandad leaving! He refuses to say good bye then the second they leave he just sobs because he wanted to go with them. It’s super confusing!

So we have a cuddle and a chat. The thing is he just can’t articulate how he feels.

So we head to the kitchen to make lunch. Soon he’s in his laundry basket boat with a hat sailing to St Lucia, the crisis passes.

I think about it as I peel potatoes.

His behaviour is a reflection of mine or whoever he is around; so what am I doing to help him? Or what am so doing that is antagonising him?

I think if I’m honest I expect too much of him.

There are so many things I ask him to stop doing. I’m busy, there is always something to do, but do I prioritise time to just been there with him to be busy doing nothing? If I’m honest not enough.

The crazy thing is when I do he just lights up. We do yoga together, cook even clean the car he just likes doing things with me.

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment for me it started with breathing and spending 10 minutes every morning listening to a guided meditation but now I’m planning time to be mindful with William. To work Humph and go where William takes us, to find that perfect wand and go at his pace.

When I’m stressed or feel like I’m getting behind the only person that suffers is my little man.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting there is never a time stick to the rules and follow the process but for me that bit comes easy what’s really tough is just sitting having a cuddle or making endless wands. Those are the moments though, those contented, happy moments simply in each other’s company.

When we have time just the two of us the chores can wait. My mindfulness is all about really noticing what Will loves doing and diving right in there with him.

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