Contact lenses, bank holiday travel and the urge to drink a bucket of gin!

Happy Easter. While most normal people are home with family eating there own body weight in chocolate and squeezing in just one more bbq burger before work starts again tomorrow I’m sitting in a bar in a hotel with a gin at 4pm!

It gets better. I flew from Norwich so no big trip to the airport and the flight was just the perfect length to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones! So easy. Then a quick tram ride and safely checked in to Novotel Edinburgh Park.

Also I’m meeting a friend; she’ll be here soon and we will have a proper matter!

I haven’t seen Caroline for a while but she has a contagious smile and has an uncanny ability to make those around her join in with the grinning!

The gin will flow and that’s ok it’s a bank holiday and thank goodness we are a 20 minute walk from the office so I do not need to be up at 5:30am, 6am here we come!

Day three of contact lenses and it’s interesting. It still takes 20 mins to get the right one in but I am already honing my technique. My top tip, put them in naked. Yup, for good reason when it falls you can feel it! Like a weird naked tribal dance you poke yourself in the eye that pat your body madly until you find the lenses, blink and start again!

So I’ve been brave and brought them with me. Taking them out is also interesting but there is no desperate desire to preserve the pesky little buggers once their job is done.

The best bit so far, wearing sun glasses again. At £350 for just the lenses of my prescription there is no chance of me getting prescription sunnies to so contact t lenses are perfect!

It’s an interesting day tomorrow I love the start of new projects I still get nervous but I also get excited knowing we will get to know people work with them and help them do some cool stuff.

We are not always welcomed to start with. My experience is there are some serious arses out there that call themselves consultants ironically they do very little consulting and a lot more telling! If we follow that lot it takes a while to build trust but once we have and you know the team trust you there’s no feeling like it.

Caroline who I’m meeting tonight; we used to work together. She has been a client and we just clicked. I can thank my work for many cool people in my life. You never know who you will connect with and who you will become friends with but when you do is awesome. A few weekends ago I travelled to Dublin with Kelly another friend I met through work. Another very cool lady!

So I’ve had to travel on a bank holiday but actually I get to have a drink and a catch up with a friend.

It’s that gratitude thing again. Look for the good in situations and you’ll find it. Focus on what you are gaining and more good stuff comes. I’m genuinely starting to believe that because I’m experiencing it.

Now let’s see how the new contact lenses do in a work situation…

Fingers crossed!

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